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About Unoesc

An institution catering for the regional development

Founded in the late of the 60's, based on an almost impossible dream and having the aim of bringing forward the university education system to the far away parts of this State, Unoesc is nowadays one of the largest organizations which gives impulse to the development in the West of Santa Catarina.

Located in a geographic area which extends from Santa Cecilia, in the Brazilian Plateau of Santa Catarina, up to the Argentinian borders, reaching the Southwest of Parana and the Northwest of Rio Grande do Sul, Unoesc offers an array of undergraduating and postgraduating courses, linked to human, social, cultural, scientific and technologic development, providing education for a population of over a million people.

Being made out of the unification of four separated undergraduation education branches, Unoesc has its campuses in the city of Joaçaba, its administration site, as well as in Videira. Xanxere and in Sao Miguel do Oeste.

Each campus still has under its jurisdiction several campuses closed to other academic institutions located in the nearby cities and providing education in the human, citizenship, scientific and tecnologic fields to the entire region, thus contributing in a decisive way to the regional development.


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