Master Degree in Administration


** UNOESC's Strictu Sensu Postgraduate Courses will grant a 30% discount on tuition fees

UNOESC approved an expanded policy to support Stricto Sensu Graduate students, in the form of discounted tuition fees. Through this policy, those who do not have other benefits, such as the Capes and Fapesc grants, will receive a 30% discount on the monthly fee, including enrollment (the first monthly fee).

In order to receive the benefit, the student cannot have any outstanding financial payments to UNOESC and cannot make late payments to UNOESC.

The graduates of this Professional Master's in Administration (MPA) have the same prerogatives of the master's egress from the academic modality.

The Professional Master's in Business Administration (MPA) course was the first in the West of Santa Catarina, Southwest of Paraná and Northwest of Rio Grande do Sul. Due to its theoretical-practical nature, it provides the opportunity for graduates to broaden their conceptual horizon and their tools to deal with an increasingly complex and demanding environment, that is, aligning theory and practice. It is directly linked to the organizational context and regional development and seeks, through scientific studies, to apply new management concepts and technologies with a focus on innovation.

Main goal

Develop research aimed at innovative solutions to problems associated with sustainability and the competitiveness of organizations, observing the Environmental, Social and Governance principles.

Specific objectives

a. to produce technical-scientific knowledge for the development of sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation;

b. to generate technical-scientific knowledge for the development of strategy, competitiveness and performance;

c. to promote the training of professionals to generate organizational innovations;

d. to stimulate applied research in public and private organizations with a focus on regional solutions.

e. to disseminate knowledge, strategies, mechanisms and solutions to integrate the principles of sustainable development (SDGs) in the management of organizations and territories.

f. to promote the internationalization and visibility of technical-scientific production, through academic mobility and integration into research networks.

Sustainability and Competitiveness

Investigates factors related to organizations and territories, associated with sustainability, competitiveness and performance. The professional's role will be in organizations that promote entrepreneurship, sustainability and competitiveness. The production of knowledge is based on two lines of action: sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation, strategy and competitiveness.

Line 01: Sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation

Description: This line comprises sustainability studies, considering economic, environmental, social, cultural, political, and institutional aspects in organizational and territorial contexts. It investigates themes associated with entrepreneurship, family businesses, innovation, startups, cooperation, sustainable operations and chains in agribusiness, people management, leadership, information systems, spatialization of economic activities and regional asymmetries.

Line 02: Strategy and Competitiveness

Description: This line studies the performance of organizations, at micro, meso and macro levels, investigating the influence of resources, market and governance structures, strategies, marketing, controls and finance, innovation, technology, cooperation, stakeholders, strategic behavior and the role of the manager in the performance of public and private organizations.

2 years (24 months)
Office Hours
Fridays from 1pm to 10:30pm and Saturdays from 8am to 12pm
Working Hours
480 hours
Vacancy Admission
25 annual vacancies
Beginning of classes
March 4th 2022 (2022 Term)
Unoesc Chapecó and Joaçaba
36 x R$1.841,70
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More information

Professor Dr. Ieda Margarete Oro
Secretary’s email:
Telephone: (49) 3319-2676
Whatsapp: (49) 9 8844-2242


Mandatory Subjects

Mandatory Subjects


13 credits

06 credits

Optional Subjects Optional Subjects (minimum) 12 credits
  Total Credits 31 credits


Line 1 = Sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation

Line 2 = Strategy and Competitiveness

The student must complete the course in 24 months. During the course, the student will complete 31 credits (465h) with approval of at least 25 credits (375 hours) in curricular components; being 13 credits in the mandatory components (195h) and at least 12 credits in optional components (180h), in addition to 06 credits (90h) destined for the approval of the dissertation. Furthermore, the Master's student must prove proficiency in English.

The dissertation can be developed using three models: dissertation with theoretical-empirical study; dissertation with intervention project; dissertation with solution development.

Obs.: Unoesc reserves the right to replace any of the profesor without prior notice, depending on availability or any other factor that prevents the profesor from administering the discipline.
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